Southern Corroboree Frog ZooPinz

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Collect this ZOOPINZ of one of our favourite animals the Southern Corroboree Frog. Learn more about your ZOOPINZ and the Southern Corroboree Frog by scanning the included QR Code on your mobile phone.

  • ZOOPINZ are Tradable! Follow these 4 simple rules to politely trade or swap your ZOOPINZ
    • You can only trade official ZOOPINZ with the @ZOOPINZ logo on the back
    • Only trade ZOOPINZ if they are in good condition with a backing clasp
    • Only trade ZOOPINZ 1 at a time
    • Be careful, only trade when you are with a responsible adult, or you are one
  • Approximately 3cm
  • ZOOPINZ have a sharp pin on the back which must always be covered with a backing clasp
  • Suitable for children ages 10 years and over